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"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." - Marilyn Monroe♥

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That was your favorite saying… I still think about you from time to time. I just wish you could of been all mine, what we had was something small but so good. I just wish it didn’t have to end. Months before I had met you I wrote down what I was missing from my life and I described you to a T. I fell head over heels for you the moment I first met you. That first day we spent together was the best date ever. We watched a movie on your couch, you had your arm around me and I’ve never felt so safe. I would constantly look back at you to see if it was all a dream and I wasn’t sure because in that moment i felt total bliss. The next thing was like icing to a cake. You gently picked up my chin and kissed me like a gentleman. I couldn’t control myself, I wanted you more then ever and after that pleasurable hour or so you told me to get ready cause we were going to your friends house and then to go bowling. I had so much fun. I liked the fact that even when you were with your friends I wasn’t alone or ignored. You were constantly checking up on me and giving me kisses. Your friend talked to me when you where playing games. I honestly felt like I could call him a friend of my own by the end of night. While bowling I loved the fact that your friends weren’t shy to be themselves and made me feel welcomed. Everywhere we went you would open doors for me, pull out my chair, hold my hand and kiss me in the most sweetest way. But I never really got to know you. I only know the idea of you. I really wish I didn’t have to admit that but it’s the truth. I just want that chance to see what we could of been. It tears me apart to keep wondering what could of been because I’m still head over heels for you. I just wish I want missing you so much. I wish I could just drive over and talk but it’s kinda difficult when the way to get in is only if you let me in and from what you said last time we were together I don’t think that’s anytime soon. But we both have something in common, were both “Damaged Goods” I guess for now ill be thinking and writing about you till the next time we meet. I’ll see you later J.M.


are you ready to get




i wonder what its like to be attractive enough to have random people have crushes on you 

You’re the pie.


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after reblogging this i opened up a card my great aunt gave me it has money in it

It could be a complete coincidence but I reblogged this yesterday and toda I fouund $40 at the fruit maket

Eh,why not

when you got nothing you got nothing to lose

I got a job after reblogging this !

Just got a job

"What a mistake, saying the way I felt."

The Neighbourhood (via versteur)


New Girl, Longest Night Ever (3x09)

"Don’t have sex with someone you wouldn’t want to be"


I need me a Kanye


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all i want in life is to lose weight and gain money

yet instead, here i am, gaining weight and losing money